5783 – 2023 Mega Raffle


Early Bird Winners:

1st Prize – Chaim Dubin

2nd Prize – Michael Schwartz

$100,000 Winner:

Mrs. Janet Hankin


Eretz Yisroel Trip or $5,000 Cash: 

Yehoshua Eidlitz


$1,000 Cash (5 Winners):

1. Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Mayer

2. Moishe Katz

3. Yitzy Berel Rubin

4. Ari Fass

5. Sholom & Frumie Bogomilsky



Reminder: If you have an outstanding pledge, kindly please click HERE to pay online or mail a check to Yeshiva Gedola of Carteret, 42 Noe Street, Carteret, NJ 07008.

Unsure? Just drop us an email at raffle@ygoc.org.

Thank you & Tizku L’mitzvos!

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